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We took 15 new Dawn of the Planet of the Apes toy pictures to show  you nowadays; These expressive Neca Series 1 action figures show off fantastic appearance at Caesar Maurice and Koba in action; Fans of the Rise of the Planet of the Apes film should distinguish those ape monkies because the characters had crucial parts in overcoming the original human force; Now this appears as though they are once more prepared for war in the Matt Reeves sequel anticipated to be released July 11th; Andy Serkis Karin Konoval and Toby Kebbell as Caesar Maurice and Koba  with Jason Clarke Keri Russell Gary Oldman Kodi smit~mcphee Kirk Acevedo and Enrique Murciano too playing;

 The creaters of Planet of the Apes were unhurried to register just how much promise there was for offshoot promotion of the franchise; The Topps Chewing Gum Firm had been the 1sth to release official merchandise in the form of a Sixty Six~card set of Planet of the Apes bubblegum trading~cards offered at 5 pennies a bundle in 1968; A record album presented the official soundtrack of the movie with pictures of cast members in the; Hardcover and paperback release of the original book were already obtainable in the 1960s however distributions of Signet~released paperback prints were likely raised by the issue of the film reworking; The 2nd film ~ Beneath the Planet of the Apes ~ provoked a novelization a comic book reworking and a soundtrack cd however not one of the following films got the privilege in their theatrical presentation;

There were posters and a variety of foyer cards and film stills however not much else on the scale of the type of campaign that is norm in today's Hollywood film business; Up to it time mass~market merchandising of a film title was unprecedented  so it's not shocking that this wasn't explored further Go ape Soon after the June 1973 presentation of Battle for the Planet of the Apes {The last film} and the passing of Apes film producer Arthur P; Jacobs the cbs channel purchased the television copyrights to the 1st 3 films and broadcasted them in a chain on prime~time television to the biggest marks in past for a sci~fi sequel up to then; In return Twentieth Century Fox started broadcasting all 5 Apes movies in back~to~back `go Ape` movie marathons in film theatres; Two It started the mid~'70s `apemania` popularity that eventually unleashed a huge merchandising binge; The 1st firm to utilize that unique market was Addar Products Company that manufactured Figurine Toy Kits And 'in~a~bottle' Kits taken from the film characters between 1973 and 1975; The New York~based Mego Company had by now sold action figures that included Tarzan Superman Batman And Robin and Spiderman when corporation Leader Kenny Abrams participated at 1 of the `go Ape` mararthons; The following day he was on the phone with Fox management to outbid competitor Azrak Hamway Global {ahi} to protect the rights to manufacture figurines and games from the Planet of the Apes; On August 9~10 1974 Mego presented a special presentation at the Hempstead Times Square Shop in Long Island New York to market their new Apes line of 5 figurines from the first movie ~ Cornelius Zira Dr; Zaius the Warrior Ape {In brownmaroon Plain Blue or Lizard Print and the Cosmonaut {mego having been refused access to use Charlton Heston's similarity as were Marvel Comics selected to provide the people no name} ~ together with a 'treehouse' and 'village Playset' and a remote control stallion in yellow or brownː the 'action Stallion The following stage was the Apes tv sequel having by now skippied on the sequel in 1973 cbs began filmmaking in earnest in June 1974;

 As  triumphant as all of the  Planet of the Apes films had been; the eruption of associated merchandise would probably not have happened had the notion not been sustained for a tv sequel_ On hearing gossips of the creation; Marvel Comics defeat competitor dc to buy the rights; and the 1st of 29 releases of their Planet of the Apes Publication ~ including comic adaptations of the 5 films and earliest plot together with Ape articles  appeared in  stores in the Usa  in August 1974 Marvel initiated a weekly comic for the United Kingdom market the subsequent October_

 Exactly hundreds of Apes products were authorized and tens of other corporations swarmed the store shelves with the whole lot from apes kitchenware to comic books to beach towels in expectation of the launch of the television sequel that September some products reaching to 60; Claimed by Selwyn Rausch a New York company that was responsible for this character of the Apes madness `By the end of this year we predict 100~million gross sales in all types of 'ape'~type products; Why anybody would need a Planet of the Apes trash can I don't understand however they're selling like crazy Award Books printed novelizations of the final 3 films and followed these with novelizations of episodes of the tv sequel;


Similarly Power Records made book adaptations of 4 of the films followed by 4 original audio adventures sits on the television sequel; A federation called 'electric Cowboy' secretely recorded the Planet of the Apes ~ A Musical Excursion record for tpi Records and the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade of November 1974 involved a Mego Planet of the Apes drift that presented the group associates and Mego bosses in costume;

There was a 2nd set of trading cards from Topps in 1974; Escape from the Planet of the Apes Novelization Planet of the Apes Magazine 1 potauk001 Power Records poster powertvalbum A Musical Trip Mego produced a 2nd line of action figures comprising of Galen Alan Verdon {Sic Peter Burke General Urko and General Ursus; That 2nd flow of Mego Apes toys likely began hitting shops  in the beginning of 1975; They also re~produced their original line and created additional games and peripherals in the context of 'the Prohibited Zone Trap' 'the Fortress' 'the Catapult and Wagon' 'the Battering Ram' 'the Jail' 'dr; Zaius's Throne' and 'the Missing Continent' {Scaled for the Planet of the Apes as well as 6 5~inch Bend 'n' Flex figurines with the Astronaut Dr; Zaius Zira Galen Cornelius and the Warrior Ape Although ahi was an authorized licensee for other Planet of the Apes merchandise ~ including 'sky Diving Parachutist' versions of both Galen and Dr; Zaius wind~up Galen and Zaius 'little Walkers' a wind~up Zaius on horses a friction~powered Apes 'prison Wagon' chimp and orangutan water pistols and even a motorcycle~riding 'rev up~n~go' Zaius ~ they also created 'action Apeman' figurines that were obviously made to pirate Mego Apes figurines and legal action forced ahi to stop making them In the uk Mego statues were sold through Palitoy;

MMegogalen Megovirdon Megoburke Megoursus Megourko Megoram The action figures and game sets were just fragment of the Apes bonanza; Formal merchandise was authorized from Fox and the biggest array of merchandise turned out to be for a moment immensely gainful;

 Eventually the whole lot from books to hats and lunchboxes carried the notion and emblem of the extraordinary planet `Where apes developed from peopleː  Mattel produced an automatic weapon Larami created a  rifle Deka created a plastic cup and dining ware set in 1974 Aladdin created an embossed steel lunch box combined with thermos Amsco produced an 'adventure Set' made of fiberboard that contained ape main center underground remnants villagers' shack doomsday nuke underground chamber and prison with rotating door all augmented with die chop fiberboard figurines Don Post Studios manufactured a set of very skillfull and popular  Apes masks The Ben Cooper Company created Halloween costumes and masks from  a bunch of the Apes characters Chemtoys produced 'fun~do Modelling Moulds' that presented numerous Apes characters The Chein Company manufactured steel trashcans as well as 2 Apes kinds ~ 1 depicted the Statue of Liberty moment and an ape warrier the other featured imprisoned people Play Pal created a exceptional Galen plastic piggy~bank and an additional depicting Dr; Zaius The Renzi Company too created a plastic 17~inch Dr; Zaius piggy~bank The Stan Toy Corporation in the Unided Kingdom created 5 various toy rings that featured Dr; Zaius Galen Zira Urko and Cornelius ~ also recognized as Caesar Introport Development Corporation manufactured a plastic pendant~style radio Aurora manufactured huge Planet of the Apes puzzles that stretched 9 feet once completed hg;


Toys manufactured puzzles kept together in boxes and in cans Milton Bradley manufactured a boxed board game based on the television sequel in 1974 Hasbro manufactured a 'color~vue Set' with pencils and images saalfieldartcraft manufactured coloring activity and 'cut~and~colour' books in 1974 The untimely shut down of the Planet of the Apes television sequel in December 1974 ~ half~way through it's course was evidently a regret for those associated however the eruption in Apes merchandise displayed no indications of calming down; In Japan a glaringly~similar television sequel named Army of the Apes about people taken into future to a moment when apes are in power was announced from October 1974 to March 1975 ~ substantially lengthier than the actual Apes sequel;

In the United Kingdom where the television sequel had turned out to be maybe yet more favored than in the Usa a Planet of the Apes Yearly based on the by brown~watson in 1975 with future yearlies for the next 2 years; Also in 1975 Chad Valley a United Kingdom toy corporation manufactured Thirty Two brief comic strips as the 'chad Valley Photo Show Planet of the Apes Sliderama Projector' holding remake scenes from numerous television sequel episodes;

Back in the United States Marvel Comics started releasing color prints of the comics from their Apes Journal as Adventures of the Planet of the Apes from August 1975; The collapse of the live~action television sequel barely caused Fox on to search out a more price efficient option; The triumph of the comics offered an plan ~ exhilarating lively adventures created for a small part of the price; The Saturday morning animated sequel Come Back to the Planet of the Apes debuted on nbc television in September 1975 however performed not finer than it's forerunner being shut down by the conclusion of the year; The Apes merchandising blitz had climaxed by now and the toys were shortly substituted in the stores; Marvel ultimately finished it's United States and United Kingdom titles in 1977 as did brown~watson marking the finish of `apemania` however showing an example for each main Hollywood movie because; Gundan dvd Bandw annual75 Chadvalley Adventures on the Planet of the Apes 1 Come Back to the Planet of the Apes The lengthy years between then and Fox's struggling effort to restart the film rights were hindered just by Adventure Comics' comprehensive run of comic books in the beginning of Nineties and recent class of trading cards in 1994 from Ken Barr and in 1998 from Inkworks; The comeback of the Planet of the apes in 2001 taken a totally different chapter of merchandising though not on the level of what had been earlier; Highly noteworthy were Dark Horse Comics that started another set of comedian books and harpercollins who delivered a series of novels sits around the new movie;

These were both brief rights in spite of being possibly of higher standard than the film they were founded about; In return the bigger result was the comeback of attention in the initial films and their merchandise the two collectibles and newly manufactured; Diamond Choose Toys in collaboration with Twentieth Century Fox and famous toy manufacturer Medicom of Japan supplied enthusiasts of the first Planet of the Apes an additional kind of 'apes Action Figures'; There were Eighteen figures in all with 3 or 4 available every month for few months; The figures began in May 2002 with Lucius Cornelius Soldier Ape and General Ursus and subsequently had a Charlton Heston~approved Colonel George Taylor Caesar and Dr; Zira amid additional; Everyone of these extremely expressive statues had different peripherals and sold in eye~catching bubble type wrapping;