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Moving Survival Guide

Moving out sale
Begin to sell and give away your unwanted furniture as early as possible prior to the move. Use craigslist, ebay, amazon, or donate to charity.
Clean the new place before the move
Bring your cleaning supplies to your new place and start with bathroom and kitchen, followed by closets, windows, and finally floors. This job is a lot easier when the home is still empty.
Make your last grocery trip
Shop for groceries two weeks prior to the move, and discard whatever you don’t finish by time you move.
Pack an "all essentials" bag
You may not unpack all your bags at once when arriving to your new home. To avoid sorting through multiple boxes to find your charger or your toothbrush, prepare a separate bag that you will have access to at all times. Also pack the things you may need for the next day, like working clothes, laptop, or some documents.
Protect the Glassware
Use carton pieces of unused boxes or a bubble wrap to separate glass or ceramic dishes. While in transport, you need to ensure that there is no contact between the dishes. Place plates vertically into the box to lower the chance of them breaking.
Label the boxes
Include a general description of contents and specify the room where this box is going.
Make sandwiches and keep a pack of bottled water handy
You may be under time pressure to eat. Have your sandwiches and bottled water ready. Prepare enough water for all the helpers.
Set aside and label all the screws and bolts
Put all the screws and bolts for the furniture into a single box, but separate and label them based on intended use.
Be completely packed by the time your help arrives
Make sure that everything is packed when your friends arrive so that you could help them carry the boxes. Avoid having everyone stand around and wait for you, standing around or packing is just as exhausting as loading and unloading, so make sure that everything is done ahead of time.
Book the truck in advance, but mind the weather
During certain times there are a many people who are moving at the same time as you, so the number of trucks available can be limited. Reserve the truck ahead of time, but avoid moving on a rainy or snowy day. It can be unsafe and some of the furniture or electronics can get damaged, so check the weather.
Take pictures of your old and new homes
After you empty your old apartment, clean it, and take photos of it for your records in case you need to prove it to your landlord. Also take photos of your new apartment before you move in.
Fill in all nail holes
To avoid being charged from your security deposit, fill in all holes left by nails in your previous home.
Change your address
Register your change of address with USPS, credit cards, DMV, insurance, utility companies, your employer, and other relevant entities.